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The lifelong love of teaching, reading and learning English.

Whatever your level, your language, your favourite type of book, someone once, introduced you to a book. Something magical happened after that. Letter symbols had sounds and meaning. Words began to form and reading became a lifelong skill.

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Purple Pulpo books offers a great range of reading materials for young children. Early Years discovery books, synthetic phonics decodable books, building reading skills schemes and books to support fiction and non fiction interests.

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Develop your child's love of reading.

Books for young readers.

Young children and babies love to listen to a familiar voice and begin to make connections between images and vocabulary.

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Parent and teacher tips for developing reading skills.

Understanding synthetic phonics

How to read to your baby or toddler.


About Purple Pulpo

Purple Pulpo English Books was started by a teacher, who wanted children and parents to enjoy good quality, affordable books.  For children who can read in English or have English as a second language, its important to put into practice all the methods, grammar and vocabluary they are learning, to master this skill. Purple Pulpo will help you select the right book for the age and stage of your child and encourage the love of reading!


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