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Bananas help you read!

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Have you heard of the Banana book range by Crabtree Publishing? They are great, single and chapter readers that have three levels, really lovely illustrations and stories that get children giggling!.

The books progress in colours green, blue and red and move from colourful, bright pages with speech bubbles or short sentences, to chapter books, with chunks of text and then progress to the red series, that has more of a story book feel.

'Blue Bananas are exciting short stories for beginner readers that bridge the gap between picture books and fiction. Clear type, speech bubbles, and engaging illustrations on every page help young readers make the transition from books which place an emphasis on pictures to books that emphasise the text. A perfect way to share story-telling and build reading skills.' Crabtree publishing.

These books are ones that children love to return to and they are plastic coated, strong and they last well in the classroom.


• full-color illustrations on every page provide a recognisable format for children • speech bubbles allow less experienced readers to enjoy reading what the characters say as the story is read aloud to them • short blocks of text allow more advanced readers to read along • Guided Reading level indicated for each book • Teacher’s Guide reinforces and enhances skills learned in the core reading program. The Teacher’s Guide is not included in the set and must be ordered separately.

Having used these books with varies ages and levels of English in bilingual and British schools, they offer an alternative to the decodable reading books and allow the child to use the skills they have with 'standard' texts. This is very important, as children progress with their reading skills with school materials such as CLIL, PBL etc which are often presented in a non decodable text, (as its makes the assumption that children have all these skills in place).

As with all books, the possibilities are there to do so much more and these have been very versatile as support for the literacy class, for example

-guess the ending

-what would you do next?

-changing the setting

-who would you be in the story and why?

-lets find interesting adjective etc.

So, bananas really help you read!


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