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Snazzy 'Snowman' planning!

The Snowman children's book by Raymon Briggs is one of the most versatile books to use as an ESL resource, with any age. The storybook does not have any words, which means you can retell the story with as much or as little vocabulary as your class can manage. As an interactive story, children can respond to questions about the weather, what the snowman is wearing, emotions, the family, the houses people live in etc. There are so many concepts laced within the story plus great visual aids and prompts.

With older children, the 'what if, or what happens next' for extended individual or group writing tasks, is a good way for children to use the basis of a story and think of an alternative conclusion. Also, as a Problem Based Learning task ,to think of solving possible problems the Snowman and the boy may have. Developing these critical thinking skills that can be applied to real life problems later on in life.


Use the video for speaking, key words and topic vocabulary, interactive questions. For example, watch a section stop the video and ask the children questions such as, ' what room were they in?, can you remember the fruit? What was the boy wearing?' etc

There are so many teaching ideas to cover all curriculum areas and this link has some great tips.


For teaching printables, have a look at these links....



winter topic theme



For art and craft, fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination activities, have a look at these simple, cheap and very visual examples. There are often time issues in class, but most of these activities are not too time intensive.

Have a look at the British Council ' The Snowman' page.

There are lesson plans, song, key vocabulary, games and videos.


Real life snowman building!

Lovely snowflake song with easy to follow lyrics.

I hope this these ideas will help you with your class planning and encourage children to enjoy the winter or Christmas topic.


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