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The book that just keeps going from one generation to another! The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

It's hard to believe that The Giving Tree was written in 1964, yet it's message is still as strong as before. Changes in the world has not impacted on the message in this lovely story and the secret is in the simplicity of it's delivery.

It has recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary since publication and during the last decades, the story survived being banned for being ' sexist' and also for the negative effects on the forestry industry'.

What is the main idea behind the story: Giving and making the people that you love happy, this can be more rewarding than receiving any gift. Self-Sacrifice The tree gives up a lot for the boy - her apples, branches and even her trunk. To make people that you love happy you may need to give something up which is important to you.

But the book also has conflict. As the boy grows up and he gets too big to play and love the tree. The boy stops visiting the tree and the tree becomes very lonely.

The book is indeed a beautifully written, as a class resource it can be used to develop wider awareness of understanding and discussing feelings and emotions, a problem based learning initiative or a reflective story, one to remember and pass on. Here are some links for lesson plans

There are some great ideas on this blog.


Also, this link has some very complete plans and ideas:


If you can, share this lovely book with your children and students. It's a story that will never be forgotten and I will let the Shel Silverstein have the last word...

Resources on TES. link to get some art ideas is https://corneroncharacter.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-giving-tree.html


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